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Free Stuff for e-learning

June 3, 2009

Who doesn’t love free? 

As little as 2 – 3 years ago, creating e-learning was going to cost you, but there has been an explosion of free tools on the internet that have e-learning potential.  Here’s a few super-cool ones:

1. Animoto – this nifty service takes your photos and sound and creates a video of it, which could be perfect for sales vignettes or management development scenarios

2. PBWorks – this free hosted wiki service is WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get), so no coding or developer types needed – and lots of organizations need an online repository of information that can be updated by users, like policies and procedures that evolve and change.

3. Ning – like the idea of facebook, but want to set up a social networking group with a learning purpose, you can use ning to do that.  It’s free and according to Jay Cross, you can set up an online community in 20 minutes.  If you work with others and would like to share bookmarks, documents, images, videos, chat, blog within the group, then ning could be the tool for you.

4. Dimdim – webconferencing solution (free), like Webex or Elluminate.

5. Slideshare – create your own online powerpoint – as much as I hate training that relies too heavily on powerpoint, it is an accepted medium, so this  tool helps you get your slides online.  PLUS, you can view/use others’ slideshares, too. 

6. Jing – by the makers of snagit (great free screen capture program) – this little beauty allows you to “screencast”: record what is happening on your screen.  Great for “help desks” and training departments that provide performance support.

7. Survey Monkey – I’ve been using this free online surveying tool for years, and it is still good, although I’ve upgraded to the paid version (that’s how these free online services can make money, the free version is a loss-leader). 

Lots of people provide lists of cool stuff, but check out this one for a nice concise list:

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