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Co-browsing does not mean shopping with your spouse

August 26, 2009

Co-browsing, a term I have to admit is new to me, refers to the ability for two people to be at the same URL, but on different computers.  Some have co-scrolling and annotation features (like document sharing).  It seems highly useful for collaborative work, instructional purposes or performance support situations.   You can read more here, including comparing tools/services.  Personally, I’m relieved it doesn’t mean shopping with your spouse, as my husband would be nearly the last person I’d want to go shopping with.  He does not browse.

I checked out some tools that you can use to do this.  Here they are in no particular order:

  • Twiddla – go play in their sandbox, it’s fun! – includes document annotation, co-browsing and other collaboration stuff
  • ShowDocument – you have to register if you want to snoop more than once, but if you are in the market for one of these, it would be a good idea
  • Yugma – web conferencing, document sharing, co-browsing for free or a paid version.  Also uses Skype for voip
  • Clavardon – a Canadian option which seems to focus on co-browsing for e-commerce
  • LiveLOOK – you can choose to share a url or “broadcast” documents from your desktop.

Any others out there that I missed or that you’ve used and liked?

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