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Social Media Trends for 2010

November 30, 2009

As we enter the “write-off” month – the one where everyone is focused on end of year reports, completing tasks on their performance plans and writing predictions for next year – I came across this interesting story about social media trends:  I am hopeful that the concept of social media (and can we come up with a new name for it?) takes off, particularly as it applies to building internal capability and connection.  I would also love to see the blurring of internal/external lines.  I love the idea of customers and employees building organizaitonal community together.  

I am not going to do the prediction thing, myself, but have made a “hope” list.  I hope that organizations:

  • Recognize the power of changing their paradigm and consider alternate ways of training and supporting employees
  • Stop talking about Twitter.  Either figure out if it has some value or not.  Just because Barack Obama is on it, doesn’t mean you have to be!
  • Can count on the LMS producers give us a game changing product that includes “social” in a way that is more than a tacked on function
  • Begin to play with new technology and create some space for employees to participate
  • Feel fear no longer dominates organizational planning – in other words, the end of the recession and a return to more positive future-oriented stuff

What is on your hope list?  Are you daring enough to make some predictions?  What are they?

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