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Why should he care, indeed?

January 7, 2010

Strangely enough, my friend Helen blogged about Dragon’s Den the other day, as a great way to hone business acumen.  I could not agree with her more.  Last night, my family and I faithfully watched a new episode of Dragon’s Den and one pitcher from Fixin’ Vixens’ asked for cash to set up a training school for her all-female handygal business venture, I nearly fell off my chair.   Kevin O’Leary (fondly known by the other Dragon’s as “Mr. Wonderful”) asked her “why do I care as an investor about training people, because there is no guarantee that they’ll stay with Fixin’ Vixens after I’ve spent my money training them?” You can hear this just after the 28 minute mark.  She answers (take note HR) that they are creating a culture where people are going to want to stay. 

And…..she loses them entirely.  They had just asked her if she had any special qualifications, to which she replied “no”.  She had an opportunity to talk about increasing market share, reducing liability, improving quality, etc.  But, she blew it.  If you are going to ask for money for training, you’d better talk about the RETURN!

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  1. March 15, 2010 9:32 pm


    my name is Yolanda Ricketts, president and CEO of Fixin’ Vixens: handyGAL Services Inc.

    thank you for your above astute insight however i thought i might make a quick response… FYI: the show was filmed almost a year ago (april ’09)… You see a few moments of a high stress on air interview that lasted almost an hour (YES, one hour NOT a few moments)… it’s a reality TV show and editing was REALLY well done… YES , i did in fact mention MANY of the things you suggest above and WAS prepared to share more market information, profits and discuss many more of the pros of our business and the industry however between editing and time such was NOT meant to be… p.s. WE DO NOT WANT a training facility for employees..

    although i WILL NOT apologize for ANYTHING on my segment (yes, i would have done the tool part differently)… I’m EXTREMELY proud to have had the courage to even face the Dragons much less THE (surprise guest) Mr. Mike Holmes. ALL the feedback we’ve gotten has been AMAZING (from across Canada and the US)… individuals who GOT the business concept beyond the TV drama stuff… we are in our 4th year, 100’s of happy clients, 1000’s of jobs completed and moving forward.

    thank you for taking the time to discuss my segment and to continue the conversation. for more information on who we are, what we are about and where we have come from vs making a conclusion about us from a few moments of a television dramatized reality show.

    • hollymacdonald permalink*
      March 17, 2010 2:44 pm

      Yolanda – thank you for taking the time to comment. You should be proud you went on the show. You were the one who had the guts to do it, not me!

      I used your segement (yes, I used you, sorry about that, but once you get on tv, you are a kind of public figure) as a topic for my blog to illustrate a point that some of my fellow HR professionals might find themselves in and be woefully unprepared to say the right thing without the aid of television editing. I understand it is a show made for entertainment purposes, so take all the pitches with a grain of salt, and recognize that the Dragons are not the one-dimensional characters that they’ve been painted as either.

      I wish you all the best in your business, and I’m sure the exposure of Dragon’s Den has introduced you to many new clients.

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