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Wanna make a movie?

January 12, 2010

I found a cool little tool, thanks to an e-learning learning feed, pointing to Adventures in Corporate Education.  This tool is a free movie making service, found at xtranormal using preset templates (settings and characters).  You drag and drop action, type in the script and then your 3D characters speak it.  So, it is designed for people who don’t necessarily have the tech savvy to program this on their own.

My 12 year old said that this was very cool and she is itching to play with it.  However, it has more potential than just something cool a pre-teen would use to impress friends.  I think for kids it would have a learning component – they could use it to enhance reading groups/literature circles, developing skits (they always seem to be doing this), delivering reports/theses, etc.  It would make presenting information more interesting for them and give them more options. 

The sample movie was put together on the blog mentioned above, and shows you how you can use a tool like this to capture people’s attention (and maybe provide some information and/or training), especially using a bit of humour or lightness. 

Try it out, I’m going to!

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