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Trying to make sense of Twitter

March 20, 2010

I haven’t been the biggest promoter of Twitter.  I can see it has potential, but I’m finding it hard to get on the bandwagon, or even the caboose of the bandwagon.  When I look at who I’m following, sometimes I wonder how they possibly squeeze it in to their day.  Maybe they have some solution that I don’t.  I want to be sure that I am suggesting or dismissing something after giving it a real honest try, not just a dabble. 

So, I started looking at different clients or applications that might change how to interact with Twitter (there’s a whole market in and of itself!)

  • Hootsuite – it appears as though it offers a “company” type of tool – for multiple accounts and such.  But I’m just me, so maybe it’s not the best option?  Seems as though lots of people use it. 
  • Tweetdeck – connects twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace together.  Hm, I’m active on LinkedIn, begrudgingly so on FB, not at all on that other one.  I don’t have thousands of contacts, though, and don’t currently have trouble managing all my connections.  Strike two?
  • Tweetie – this one is just a big ugly mess.  Strike three for sure.
  • Tweetchat – seems to be all about the hashtag thing.  Not sold that I want a micro-app for micro-blogging.  Jury is out.
  • Seesmic – these guys actually show you what it looks like – lots of columns and ways of connecting together all that stuff.  Not a total strike-out.
  • Twhirl – another product by the above – I think it is just a desktop client, but got a little distracted by the feature list (and the fact I didn’t really know all the techie terms)
  • Twitterfeed – Feed your blog to twitter – ok that seems like an option, but I think WordPress does this or includes it somehow, so not necessary?
  • Twitterfall – trending and searching plus some geolocation – not a big draw either.  Oh, and visually kind of unappealing to me.

And there’s more. But, I couldn’t go on.  By the time I got to the stage of looking at various clients, I was starting to wonder.  What am I truly going to get out of micro-blogging that I’d want to put this much effort into?  I’m still ambivalent.   If so, I think I’ll stick to the things I’ve already heard about #lrnchat and for social learning.

Anyone out there want to convince me to get on the bandwagon?

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    • hollymacdonald permalink*
      March 23, 2010 5:13 pm

      Thanks Jane! True beauty of web 2.0 learning => someone reads the blog post, comments on the post, directing me to a treasure trove of online resources, all within the space of hours not days. Gotta love it.


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