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Skype, Zorap and Stixy

April 1, 2010

I was watching Jay Cross talk about Good Practice (thanks to this brilliant online community) and Jay mentioned a service called Zorap, which I immediately – after watching the online video interviews – surfed to and checked out.  Apart from the few sleazy featured rooms which smack of Chatroulette (with Family Filter on, must make sure to never turn it off!), the service seems very cool for synchronous (real time) collaboration.  Basically you share videos, music, photos and documents AND webcams of participants simultaneously on one screen, who can all upload as well.  Of course, there is also Skype I am also a little embarassed to say that I have never “skyped” before, and I’m not really sure why.  I have always meant to, but just have not gotten around it, but it has obvious great applications, too. 

And, while I was thinking about we collaboration, I googled and found this nifty listing with oodles of cool stuff.   One that I think I might try out is Stixy, which is a more asynchronous option – upload stuff and people can comment on it, kind of like Voicethread meets Google Docs.

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