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Do you need a digital horcrux?

August 20, 2010

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For those of you who are familiar with Harry Potter – you’ll know that a horcrux is a:

“receptacle in which a Dark wizard has hidden a part of his soul for the purposes of attaining immortality.”

While you may not be a Dark wizard and I’m not going around advocating murder a la Voldemort, sometimes you may discover that you have unwittingly created a digital horcrux by creating yet another account with another product of the day, and you are leaving digital traces of yourself all over the web. 

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all yourselves…to paraphrase George Costanza of Seinfeld fame “worlds collide”.  This is one of my favorite scenes of all times… 

This post isn’t about mangling pop culture references.  [Although I was intrigued to note that although Seinfeld is no longer current pop culture, it’s got a Facebook Fan page and an interactive map to explore their world and watch episodes]. 

It’s about the fact that the more the funky social tools proliferate, the more the issue comes up.  For an individual it can be a bit of a pain, especially if you are active online for both personal and professional purposes and want to keep things seprate.  For organizations, it’s more complicated than filing taxes or designing the space shuttle (OK, I’m not sure if either of those are true, but you get my point).

Here’s some services that will help you track/manage your digital horcruxes.

Threadsy – tagline “pull yourself together” – ok no actual demo or feature cast, and did not sign up yet, but gives you a place to put all your communication channels together…

Amplify – apparently is the place to “spark” conversation, so that obviously caught my eye.  Plus,  @jaycross tweeted about it, and he was the one that I heard of Zorap from (among other things).  Here’s his “clip”.

For companies/marketers there’s Sendible – which is a one-stop platform for  businesses and marketers to promote, grow and track their brands through the use of Social Media, Email and SMS messaging.

Can’t forget Ping – which is a group updater.

But hang on.  If my blog updates to twitter and my twitter is linked to LinkedIn and I put my delicious bookmarks on my blog and linked to twitter, then what’s the point?  I should really have a clever pop culture reference here, like this post might be the Seinfeld of the blog world.  A post about nothing.

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