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Life with a smartphone

January 20, 2011

Now that I am less dumb, or my phone is anyway, I thought I’d blog about my initial response.

Here’s 5 observations:

1. I am on my computer less.  One of the main challenges of self-employment is that there is no distinction between work and home, but my home office is downstairs, while the main family living is done upstairs.  So, I would find myself drawn downstairs mainly to check email and then get sucked in.  Now that I can check email and twitter from the couch, I don’t feel quite as anxious.  Weird.  Instead of making me more of a workaholic, I feel as though it is going to make me less of a workaholic, more a “workafrolic” as I heard Karyn Romeis describe herself as in a recent #lrnchat.

2. It’s really a small computer, but not.  I find that I’m trying to do things that I’d do on my computer, but it isn’t really the right tool.  I can look at webpages, but it’s too small for reading, but works for skimming.  I can see the appeal of the iPad sized device (although the Galaxy Tab is probably more the size I’d prefer – here’s a comparison chart) and have a love/hate idea of multiple devices.

3. I still have to set up all those preferences and get used to the syncing it all up.  (beyond the current smartphone, I really liked the look of this set up for the future!)  Must watch out for that market space, it would be great to not have to think about buying numerous devices.  I did discover that I can use my Blackberry as a tethered modem, which I was pretty stoked about.

4. Typing with your thumbs does take a little practice (and is harder to do when you have longer nails!).  I guess this only applies to phones with actual QWERTY keyboards, not the virtual onscreen ones, or does it?  Anyway, adjusting and when necessary go to damn you autocorrect for injection of humour!

5. It’s bigger than my dumbphone, which I could just slip in most pockets.  This one not so much and I’m still carrying it like its fragile.  Which I guess it is – they aren’t like this yet.

So, there you have it – not a earth shattering revelation to go from dumb to smart (especially since I’m so behind the adoption curve), but glad to have done it.

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  1. January 22, 2011 12:42 pm

    Interesting that we all go through similar phases. We get a new device, try to do things on it that really should be done on other (larger) devices. I noticed some of my colleagues using their shiny new ipads with the little keyboard and saying they’ve replaced their laptop. Hmm, really, in my experience (I have a laptop, ipad, and Windows Phone 7) trying to use the ipad for note taking, writing, creating, etc. is an exercise in “slow”. It isn’t nearly as efficient for that type of work as a laptop is. I know, the instant on is nice but my Windows 7 laptop is nearly instant on (I sleep/wake it, not shutdown/startup). I am often an extreme multitasker and the ipad just doesn’t really cut it for that plus isn’t multiwindowed.

    Interestingly though when I got the Windows Phone 7, some things I was doing on the ipad have moved to the phone (email, calendar, 50% of twitter, some web reading, even the occasional comment on a blog).

    I think whether you like it or not, you will be a multi-device person for a while yet 🙂

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