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Going Global series: Exploring “Oz” with Ryan Tracey

January 18, 2013

One of the things that is really compelling in today’s environment is connecting with peers around the world. I reached out to some of my twitter network to explore the idea of doing some guest posts with those outside North America.  I was delighted when Ryan Tracey accepted my request.

He has written some of my favorite e-learning posts, such as:

Who is Ryan?

Ryan Tracey is an e-learning manager in the Australian financial services industry, an Advisory Board Member for eLearn Magazine, and a Review Panellist for the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT). His work focuses on adult learning in the workplace, and he maintains a particular interest in blended delivery, informal learning and social media. Ryan has worked in corporate e-learning for over a decade, following several years in the higher education market. He holds a master’s degree in Learning Sciences and Technology from the University of Sydney, is a regular contributor to various industry magazines, and has won several training awards in the Asia-Pacific region. He blogs as the E-Learning Provocateur and can be found on Twitter @ryantracey.

In the next post, Ryan will share his perspective on the nature of elearning in Australia.

Thanks to Ryan for writing such an interesting post. Make sure you check out his blog and if you are on twitter, follow him there. He shares great insights.


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