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Spark Your Interest is intended to share with you things that we think can help your develop your talent, 21st century style.  We believe that many organizations just need a spark to inspire them to pursue positive change.  Sometimes, just reading about a new tool, simple approach or a similar challenge is all that you need to make changes.  We hope that you might find some of those things on this blog.

Who’s behind this blog?  Holly MacDonald is our main author and she’s got 15 years of experience in helping lots of organizations develop their talent.  She’s been a training manager/director, an instructional designer, a facilitator and a consultant.  Currently, she’s an independent consultant, who specializes in learning & development strategies and solutions as well as performance consulting. 

We truly believe that investing in people is the right thing to do, for the following reasons:

  • operational training is a no-brainer, helping people do their jobs better will result in business improvements,
  • developmental training is the best way to nuture your talent and is a more cost effective way to build future leaders than hiring a “star”
  • for society at large, investing in people keeps the economy strong and embeds the value of lifelong learning. 

We are passionate about learning and excited by technology and we think the best way for people to learn today is to blend “high tech” with “high touch”.   New ways of delivering, enhancing, extending learning using technology are being developed each day.  Have courage to experiment with technology, and have fun thinking of ways that you can help people learn and grow.   

We hope that we can spark your interest and that you enjoy these forays into people, learning and technology!

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